Install aria2 on Raspberry Pi


aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol and multi-source command-line downloading utility. It supports various protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. aria2 can be manipulated via built-in JSON-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces.

Webui-aria2 is an open source web frontend for aria2, it is simple and easy-to-use.

This guide will show you how to install aria2 and webui-aria2 on Raspberry Pi.


Install arial2

sudo apt update
sudo apt install aria2 -y

After arial2 installed here are some examples to download a file from one or multi-source URI using arial2c command:

aria2c linux-distro.torrent

Install webui-aria2

We also can use web-based frontend for aria2 to add, remove or view downloading tasks.

  1. Run aria2 on Raspberry Pi
aria2c --enable-rpc --rpc-listen-all
  1. Download webui-aria2 from
    Click “Code > Download Zip” or clone the repository.
  2. Open index.html from docs folder (On Windows)
  3. “Settings > Connection Settings > Enter the host”
  4. Hosting webui-aria2 on Raspberry Pi (Optional)
    Host it with nginx so that we can open the downloading web anywhere